Welcome to the new EBF Championships registration and admin system.

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When creating a new user, there will be sent an email with a verification link. In case you do NOT get this email, please do NOT create a new user with another email address. Then write to KTA@ETBF.EU and I will activate the user for you. Before doing this please check your UNWANTED MAIL/SPAM FOLDER to see whether the verification email has arrived there.

Should you already have a federation user AND need athlete access, please send email to kta@etbf.eu with username/email and then access will be given to the existing user (no need of creating a separate user for that)

Here we are developing a new system for the federation administration of championships for the European Bowling Federation.

This site and system is still under development, while not all functions might be working completely perfect yet and new functions will be added often.

To submit a federation form, you will will need to create a user for your federation. Click here to create a federation user.

To submit an athlete form (Ball registration for instance) you will need to create an athlete user. Click here to create an athlete user.

It is possible to edit a submitted form, until the deadline of the form has passed. Just login and edit.

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Should you run into problems, please submit a support case here.